april 21

10:00 am-6:00 pm

april 22

10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

April 21-22, 2018

benson centre

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a French Canadian costumer, cosplayer and model. Through her 19 years of experience in the garment and costume production, she came to excel in using a large variety of materials, textiles and others, including latex and leather. Since she has her own workshop, she extended her skills to prop making and set building, but also to some specialized crafts professions like shoemaking.

Since 2011, Marie-Claude has closely been collaborating with the tabletop game company Ninja Division - Soda Pop Miniatures that included her as a character in all its games and produced miniatures based on her image and figure. The 2 most impressive cosplay projects on which Marie-Claude worked were also for Ninja Division. Lug, a character from the game Relic Knights was a 10 feet tall yellow and black fiberglass robot that Ninja Division unveiled at Gen Con 2015. Rachnera, from the manga Monster Musume, was a huge fiberglass spider that Marie-Claude made for a collaboration between Ninja Division and Seven Seas Entertainment. Rachnera’s making was largely shared on the social medias and its unveiling was a hit at Anime Expo 2016.

Marie-Claude is now recognized as a technical cosplayer who’s building high quality costumes and props. She’s received as a cosplay guest all across North America, South America and Europe and CAPE is proud to have her return.


Official Facebook Fanpage:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcbourbonnais1

Instagram: marieclaudebourbonnais

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