Randy Sauve enjoyed collecting comic books since he was a young boy and began developing his business as a young entrepreneur while working for Carl's Smoke and Gift Shop where he met other comic book readers after placing an ad on the comic spinner rack.

Randy filled his bedroom with comic books, magazines, novels, newspaper strips and trading cards stored on some wooden shelves his father built and sold extra copies he had.  While working at the store owned by his mentors (Carl & Katherine McLaughlin), he met many Downtown Business merchants and learned a lot from their stories. Two of his other mentors, George and Joe Assaly and Jack McGaughey influenced him for his journey into business as he opened his own comic book store, Fantasy Realm, as a young 23 year old with big dreams in Downtown Cornwall in 1985. 

The store has been in operation ever since at 227 Pitt Street, Cornwall and also boasts an eBay online store since July 1999.


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