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April 21-22, 2018

benson centre

Dan Day is a Canadian artist who has worked in the comic book industry since the 1980s. He was the artist on Cases of Sherlock Holmes (published by Renegade Press and Northstar Publications, 1986-1990) which featured Conan Doyle's original text with Day's art. His other comic book credits include Aztec Ace, Black Zepplin, Marvel Comics Presents, Swamp Thing, Deadworld, Detective Comics, Doctor Strange, Elvira, Lost In Space, Man From UNCLE and Nightmare On Elm Street.

Cases of Sherlock Holmes           Aztec Ace

Black Zepplin                                Marvel Comics Presents

Swamp Thing                                Deadworld

Detective Comics                          Doctor Strange

Elvira                                             Lost In Space

Man From UNCLE                         Nightmare on Elm Street